Manufacturers/Producers of Egg Coddlers

This is a catalog of companies that have been known to manufacture egg coddlers at some point in time. In some cases, the company named is not the manufacturer, but the company that produced or distributed the egg coddlers.

On some coddlers, the manufacturer can be easily identified by the backstamp. In other cases, the packaging material, inserts, or stickers tells us something about the manufacturer, or the producer/distributor. There are also many egg coddler styles and patterns that are unknown to us.

We are always looking to expand our knowledge of egg coddlers ... If you have information that isn't mentioned here, or if you can expand upon what we have here, please do contact us.

Manufacturer/Producer Name Marks, Distinguishing Characteristics, Examples
Adams Adams Backstamp Adams Backstamp Adams Coddler     Mildly convex coddlers with a very small pedestal and a "lip" near the top of the coddler. [Details]
Apco See Royal Sealy
Aynsley Aynsley Backstamp Aynsley Backstamp     Convex coddlers with a pedestal, made in England and marked Aynsley on the backstamp. [Details]
Chadwick Chadwick coddler     Convex porcelain cups with Bakelite lids. [Details]
Coalport Coalport Backstamp Coalport Backstamp Coalport Backstamp     Convex coddlers with a pedestal. [Details]
Coquetier Du Riviere Coquetier du Riviere Backstamp Coquetier du Riviere Example Coquetier du Riviere Example     Egg-shaped coddlers, with metal straps to keep the lid on. Made in France. [Details]
Crown Staffordshire CS Mark CS Body Style CS Body Style     Concave coddlers, with a pedestal, or eight-sided coddlers with an octagonal cross-section. [Details]
Doulton Kew     Concave coddlers, with a small pedestal. [Details]
EPIAG EPIAG Backstamp EPIAG Example     Convex coddlers with a small pedestal and no lifting ring. Backstamp has the words EPIAG and Czechoslovakia. [Details]
Fox Run Fox Run Example     All white egg coddler. [Details]
George Good George Good Backstamp George Good Example     Concave coddler with a yellow chick on a branch. [Details]
Harker Harker Backstamp Harker Example     Cylindrical things with loose lids that may or may not be coddlers. [Details]
Henckels Henckels Example 1 Henckels Example 2     Eight-sided coddlers with various designs - typically repeated patterns. [Details]
House of Prill House of Prill Mark House of Prill Coddler     Double-sized convex coddlers with no pedestal, with corrugated sides. [Details]
Jenaer Glas Jenaer Glas Single Jenaer Glas Double     Clear glass convex coddler with clip. [Details]
Kitchen Craft Kitchen Craft Coddler     All white coddler. [Details]
KTK     All white coddler. [Details]
KZE KZE KZE KZE KZE KZE     Chickens, Cherubs, coat of arms [Details]
Lorrie Lorrie backstamp     A yellow chick in a nest, convex or concave coddlers. [Details]
Mainz Kew     Glass coddlers. [Details]
Maling MAL-UNK01     Floral "Premier Egg Cups" [Details]
McKee Glasbake Glasbake Mark Glasbake Coddler Glasbake Coddler     Clear glass egg cookers, various styles with lids made of aluminum or Bakelite. [Details]
Porcelaine d'Auteuil Porcelaine d'Auteuil Backstamp Porcelaine d'Auteuil Example     Double-sized concave coddlers. [Details]
Porcelaine de Paris Porcelaine De Paris - Backstamp 2 Porcelain de Paris Example 1 Porcelain de Paris Example 2 Porcelain de Paris Example 3 Porcelain de Paris Example 4     Concave coddlers, marked PORCELAINE DE PARIS, FRANCE, two crossed arrows, and either DEPUIS 1773 or FONDEE EN 1773 on the backstamp. [Details]
Max Rösler Max Rösler Backstamp Max Rösler Example     Small coddler with flat lid (no lifting ring) decorated with chicks, hens, and roosters. [Details]
Pyrex Pyrex Single Coddler Pyrex Coddler     Clear glass coddler with a clip. Sold as egg poachers. [Details]
Royal Sealy Moss Rose Pattern     Moss Rose coddler with unusual lid and strap is example. Suspected to be made by Royal Sealy. [Details]
Royal Worcester Royal Worcester Backstamp (Type 12) Royal Worcester Backstamp (Type 8) Royal Worcester Backstamp (Type 7) Royal Worcester Coddler     Convex coddlers with a pedestal. Hundreds of patterns and variations. Almost all backstamps have ROYAL WORCESTER in the text. [Details]
Roy Kirkham Roy Kirkham Backstamp Roy Kirkham Backstamp     Mildly convex coddlers with a tiny pedestal, and a small "lip" at the top. Four floral patterns are known. All backstamps have ROY KIRKHAM in the text. [Details]
RYPOMY RYPOMY Coddler     All white coddler, with a top strap. [Details]
Sands Sands
							     Backstamp     Double-sized convex egg coddlers with a square lifting ring, decorated with themes from Holly Hobbie® and Tiny Talk®. [Details]
Schlaggenwald Schlaggenwald egg coddler     All white coddler, with "pail-like" top handle. [Details]
Schott & Gen Mainz Schott & Gen Mainz Coddler     Clear glass coddler with a metal clip. [Details]
Severn Ware Severn Backstamp Example Severn Coddler Style     Double-sized Convex coddlers with a small pedestal. [Details]
Shafford Shafford Concave Coddler Shafford Convex
						Coddler     Shafford coddlers are either concave with a pedestal or convex with no pedestal. [Details]
Sigma Sigma Backstamp Sigma Backstamp Sigma Backstamp Sigma Coddler Style     Convex or concave double-sized coddlers, labelled TASTE SETTERS, TASTE SETTER EAST, or TASTE SETTER COLLECTION. [Details]
Solidex Solidex Coddler     Clear glass cup with a clear glass lid and a metal strap to hold down the lid and provide a lifting ring. [Details]
Sorin Sorin
								Backstamp Sorin Egg Coddler     Egg coddlers with a body that is convex and tapering, made in France. [Details]
Spode Spode Backstamp Spode coddler     Egg coddlers with a variant of the blue Willow pattern, with Copeland on the backstamp. [Details]
Syracuse China Syracuse backstamp Syracuse backstamp Syracuse backstamp Syracuse coddler without pedestal Syracuse coddler with pedestal     Porcelain coddlers with a flat metal lid. Three distinct backstamp varieties, but all contain the word SYRACUSE in the text somewhere. [Details]
T.G.Green T.G. Green backstamp T.G.Green backstamp T.G.Green coddler body style T.G.Green coddler body style     Coddlers that are somewhat larger than other manufacturers' double-sized. Four distinct backstamp varieties, all containing the name T.G. GREEN somewhere except the generic MADE IN ENGLAND. [Details]
Veritable     Green fern-like plant with what look like hummingbirds [Details]
Villeroy and Boch Villeroy & Boch Backstamp Villeroy & Boch Style     Plain white [Details]
Wade Wade Mark Wade Mark Wade Mark Wade Single Coddler     Coddlers made of pottery, including the lid. Various backstamps, all but one contains IRELAND in the text. [Details]
Wedgwood Wedgwood Mark Wedgwood Mark     [Details]
Williams Sonoma Williams Sonoma Cobalt Blue Williams Sonoma Flow Blue Leaves Williams Sonoma Flow Blue Flower     Double-sized coddlers sold by Williams Sonoma. Some have the company name in the backstamp. [Details].
Windsor Windsor coddler Windsor backstamp Windsor backstamp     Convex coddlers with corrugated sides. Backstamp text Windsor. [Details]
WMF of America WMF Mark     Clear glass coddler with a chicken in relief. [Details]

Coddlers Made by Unknown Manufacturers [1]

Manufacturer Code [2] Unique Characteristics and/or Marks Images
UM01 Pottery egg coddlers, including the lid and lifting ring. Many different backstamps and colors, but all with the same basic shape. [Details] UM01
UM02 Double convex coddler with no pedestal. Pattern is the classic blue and white "Willow" pattern. No backstamp. [Details] UM02 UM02
UM03 Double convex coddlers with no pedestal and corrugated sides (like House of Prill coddlers). No backstamp. [Details] UM03 UM03
UM04 Double-sized plain white convex coddlers with no backstamp [Details] UM04 UM04
UM06 Convex coddler with a small pedestal, 219 engraved in reverse on the bottom. [Details]. UM06
UM07 Convex coddler with a small pedestal, same pattern as the coddler by EPIAG, without a backstamp. [Details]. UM07
UM09 Convex or concave coddlers with Made in Japan labels and a number on the bottom. Pattern is of butterflies and strawberries. [Details] Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden
UM11 Convex or concave coddlers with the classic Blue Onion pattern. [Details] Blue Onion Blue Onion Blue Onion Blue Onion Blue Onion
UM12 Concave coddlers,with Fantasia on the backstamp, decorated with Lily of the Valley, small white bell-like flowers, and large green arrow-shaped leaves. [Details]. UM12 - Fantasia UM12 - Fantasia
UM13 Cylindrical coddlers, with flowers. Imprinted on the backstamp is Day Lily Fine China. Any of various Eurasian plants of the lily family by Seymour Manning [Details]. UM13 UM13
UM17 Single and double coddlers made of clear glass inscribed Made in Korea. [Details]. UM17
UM18 Convex coddler with an oval lifting ring, with grapes and leaves, and Fine Porcelain Japan backstamp. [Details] UM18 UM18
UM19 Double-sized concave coddler decorated with chickens and eggs and the text Which came First?. [Details]. UM19
UM20 Concave coddler, with three rows of single red roses. No backstamp. [Details] UM20
UM21 Concave coddler, with bright bunches of strawberries. No backstamp. [Details] UM21
UM22 Cylindrical coddler, with pink and purple flowers. Marked Japan on the backstamp. [Details] UM22
UM23 Cylindrical coddlers with birds. Backstamp is marked Mary Mugg - Licensee Enesco. [Details] UM23 UM23
UM24 Convex coddler with four crudely drawn red and yellow stick flowers. Marked Japan [Details] UM24
UM26 Convex coddler with three flower stems: three purple blooms, one large pink bloom, one blue and red bloom. [Details]. UM26
UM28 Convex coddler with a small pedestal no backstamp. [Details]. UM28
UM29 Concave coddler with yellow irises and green leaves. [Details]. UM29
UM30 Cylindrical coddler with three yellow flowers similar to daffodils. [Details].
UM31 Cylindrical coddler with a tall pedestal, marked EGG CODDLER. Backstamp marked Bentson West Design for Boston Warehouse. [Details]. UM31 UM31
UM32 Concave coddler with a design dominated by a single red-orange butterfly. [Details]. UM32 UM32
UM34 Cylindrical double-sized coddler, with "chintz" pattern and masses of violets. No backstamp. [Details] UM34
UM35 Concave coddlers,with Festival on the backstamp, decorated with fruit and flowers. [Details]. UM35 - Festival UM35 - Festival UM35 - Festival UM35 - Festival UM35 - Festival
UM36 A small glass coddler with a loose plastic top. Similar to the Glasbake coddlers with Japan on the underside. [Details] UM36
UM37 Concave all-white coddler similar to those made by Sigma or Shafford. [Details]
UM38 Double-sized convex white coddler with a pedestal, a ceramic lid and triangular lifting "ring". [Details] UM38
UM39 Cylindrical coddler, with pink and purple flowers. No backstamp. [Details] UM39
UM41 Double cylindrical coddler with a blue pastel 3-leaved flower. Marked Japan. [Details] UM41
UM42 Cylindrical coddler, with either pink or purple flowers. Japan marking. [Details] UM42 UM42
UM43 Cylindrical coddler, with yellow, orange, white, and light blue flowers. Marked Japan. [Details] UM43
UM44 Convex coddler with no pedestal. White, with a Mardi Gras theme. No backstamp. Pattern includes the words King KMC, Happiness is, and 1980. [Details] UM44 UM44
UM45 Convex coddler with no pedestal. White, with a Mardi Gras theme. No backstamp. Pattern includes the words Krewe of Alhambra, Merrie Olde England, and 1980. [Details] UM45 UM45
UM46 Cylindrical coddler, with a pastel confetti pattern [Details] UM46
UM47 Double-sized concave coddler decorated with large green, purple, red, and yellow sunflowers. No backstamp. UM47
UM50 Convex coddler, with strawberries. No backstamp. [Details]. UM50
UM51 Cylindrical coddlers, double size, in plain solid colours (white, yellow, and blue), with a tall rectangular lifting ring. Made in China. [Details]. UM51
UM52 Concave coddler with a convex bulge near the top. Yellow and white square tiles with white flowers. Villa Vanilla Palm Beach on the backstamp. UM52 UM52
UM53 Black onyx glass concave egg coddlers with a "Tree of Life" design on one side. UM53
UM54 Convex coddler with a small pedestal, no lifting ring, and no backstamp. [Details]. UM54
UM55 Concave double-sized coddler, with a chintz-like pattern of pink and white flowers. [Details] UM55 UM55 UM55
UM56 Cylindrical coddler, with a pattern of irises and small butterflies. Marked Japan on the bottom. [Details] UM56
UM57 Convex, but almost cylindrical coddler with a chintz-like pattern of purple flowers. [Details] UM57
UM58 Cylindrical coddler, with pink and purple flowers. Marked Japan on the bottom. [Details] UM58
UM59 Cylindrical coddler, with strawberries and blackberries.
UM60 Cylindrical coddler, with random yellow and pink trumpet flowers and green leaves. [Details] UM60
UM61 Double-size coddler with large pedestal. Red & Blue stylised flowers. [Details]. UM61
UM63 Double-size plain white coddler with PIC CHINA on the base. [Details]. UM63 UM63 backstamp
UM64 Hand-painted Coddlers. [Details]. UM64 - UNK01 UM64 UNK-02 UM64 UNK-03 UM64 UNK-04 UM64 UNK-05 UM64 UNK-06 UM64 UNK-07 UM64 UNK-08
UM65 Plain White Coddler - marked "Germany". [Details] UM65
UM66 Single coddlers with 'Delft-like' scenes [Details] UM66 UM66 UM66 UM66
UM67 Double coddlers with Bright Red Flowers in an Oval Blue and Brown Frame [Details] UM67
UM69 Double coddlers with a pinkish-red floral band [Details] UM69
UM70 Very small coddlers - with Red Roses [Details] UM70
UM71 Concave Coddlers with Red Roses [Details] UM71
UM72 Convex Coddlers with flowers - either ribbed or smooth [Details] UM72 UM72 UM72 UM72
UM73 Plain white, convex, double-size marked G Japan. [Details] UM73
UM74 Blue Oriental design - similiar to Blue Willow. No maker's mark. [Details] UM74
UM75 Small Black Squares. [Details] UM75
UM76 Large Pink Morning Glory [Details] UM76
UM77 Blue Roosters [Details] UM77 UM77
UM78 Chinese Birds [Details] UM78
UM79 Three Red-Orange Flowers [Details] UM79
UM80 Blackberries and Strawberries [Details] UM80 UM80
UM83 Small blue, yellow, and red tulips [Details] UM83
UM84 Jumbo coddler with a porcelain duck on the lid, acting as a handle. [Details] UM84
UM85 Double size egg coddler with brown decals: eggs in a nest, eggs in a basket and a broken/cracked egg. [Details] UM85 UM85 UM85
UM86 Nautical theme with inscription IL ETAIT UN PETIT NAVIRE. [Details] UM86 UM86
UM87 Double glass coddler with metal clip and rubber seal [Details] UM87
UM88 Double all-white convex coddler. [Details] UM88
UM89 Double all-white cylindrical coddler. [Details] UM89
UM99 Egg coddlers of unknown manufacturer that are known to exist for which we have descriptions but no pictures. Please look at these descriptions to help us identify them. [Details]


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