We'd like to recognize and sincerely thank all our sources of data. Without them, this site would be barren of information or images.

In addition to all the data sources, we'd like to thank the following people who have allowed us to use their images and photos to display the myriad of egg coddlers that exist. There are many others who have given us permission to use their images but did not wish to be mentioned. We thank you all kindly for your support for this web site.

Shirley Amson of Kamloops, British Columbia    blucat on eBay.

arkasa(at)    arkasiotisa on eBay

Quentin Balkowitsch    qjcol on eBay

Rick Ballentine    ballentine on eBay

barbas on eBay

Marilyn O. Baudier    mob3 on eBay

Jon D. Bayes    psdesert on eBay

bay-dreamer on eBay

Betty's Collectibles, 114 York St., St. Catharines, Ontario, CA.     ckr on eBay

Karen and Jerry Bird, Fort Worth, TX    caybeth on eBay

Photos by Mike and Elsie    bluestreak99 on eBay.

Bodafon Antiques    bodafon-antiques on eBay

Claudette Bonaccorso of Simcoe, Ontario ladyce on eBay    Watch ladyce Auctions for all my nifty finds from Canada.

JPG images compliments of Rich & Jo in the Poconos of Boyle's Antiques & Collectibles elyob on eBay

Andy Brook of Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K. planir22 on eBay

Mona Buchanan. mona_buc on eBay

Giulio    cesare67 on eBay

charlene on eBay

Ellen    cupons on eBay

George and Laura Cumming

Liz and Lyn Davies, Shropshire, U.K.

Joanne DeMarrais    daveslady on eBay

Judy DeWalt    tj-collectibles on eBay

Alan and Sally Douglas    sallywrite on eBay

Elmaldo the net hitchhiker    elmaldo on eBay

Lorraine Emerson    lorikel on eBay

Brian Eyles    mbantiques on eBay

John Fernandes

findneatstuff on eBay.

Marlene Frank

Kenneth Freeston

Judy G.    ilv2qlt on eBay

Helen Gage, Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Dave and Charlotte from Charlotte's Glass Reflection    gmrc on eBay

Golucky    golucky on eBay, on Amazon.

Renata Goricon    oldmill195 on eBay

Lola Greenberg

J. Graunitz, British Books, Antiques & Collectibles.    max-delta on eBay

Brian Green    briangreen on eBay

Doris Halleman

Rachelle Harrison

Cherie Hartwick    direct1999 on eBay

Bryan Howes    bryan*** on eBay

Shannon Howes    shannon*** on eBay

Irene Hudak

imagination-quest on eBay

Eva Jester


Peggy Kent    imim7321 on eBay

Kathy Kinsley    samkat6 on eBay

Bernice M. Kolier

Nancy Knudsen

Linda LaRoc

Lennon Hall Antiques

Braeda Libby

marclyn on eBay

Patrick McLaughlin    one_eagle on eBay

michelangel on eBay

Lois    mom-s on eBay

Marilyn M. Most    mmmost on eBay

Moon River Antiques    anitamoke on eBay

Mandy Newman

Dennis O'Connor

Old Curiosity Shoppe on Amazon

Carol Oliver from Lake Winola, PA

Lynda Overbay    daquad on eBay

Heather Parry    oceanus_procellarum on eBay

pammypicks on eBay

Brad and Tammi Paschal    abbydog3 on eBay

peppermint on eBay

Phill & Virginia

pugdog53 on eBay

pyla on eBay

Robert H. Quackenbush    quacken on eBay

Rich Ricca, Americana Exhibits, 580 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 10913

David and Norma Robson    44west on eBay

Linda Rothe

David and Monica Sanchez    afullcircle on eBay

Edith Sharon

Wanda Sherrer    fullhouse4u on eBay

shez5 on eBay

sisterC8 on eBay

Ann Smith    rainbowannie on eBay

Ed and Sylvia Smith    sssbkeeper on eBay

SNOWWHITE2000 on eBay

Neal R. Snyder    vffigura on eBay

Marcel & Wilma Straayer     2oldies on eBay

Debbie Syzponik

Togman Auctions, New Jersey on eBay

Dixie, Indiana    2snowwhite on eBay

Sue VanNoy    suesharry on eBay

antonb on eBay

Linda Wareham, St. Ives, England    nurse530 eBay.

whiteelephantstand on eBay.

Bruce Williams

Kevin Yancey

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