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How the Site Came to Be

Once upon a time there was a woman who acquired a pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers with the Evesham pattern. We don't know where she got them, or why she did. We do know that she made coddled eggs for her husband and her only daughter. Eventually, the woman passed away, and her daughter acquired the egg coddlers. The daughter was very fond of the egg coddlers because they remind her of her mother.

In her wanderings through antiques stores, years later, the daughter finds other egg coddlers and starts a modest collection of the coddlers that she finds very pretty and in undamaged condition. Her husband, who occasionally wanders with her through the antiques stores, begins to wonders whether there is any information about egg coddlers on the Internet.

The husband, Rob, discovered that there were many varieties of these egg coddler designs ... dozens ... maybe even hundreds. It seemed that there were as many as ninety of the little beasties for sale on eBay alone. Rob decided to create an online catalog of egg coddlers, based on the data that he could glean from auctions and other online resources. It was created originally for his wife, but maybe other collectors could benefit or contribute to Rob's research as well.

Rob had a lot to learn about egg coddlers. Sellers in online auctions are not always consistent or correct about the names of the coddlers that they are selling. One day, two weeks after becoming an online egg coddler "expert," he noticed that a seller of egg coddlers had misnamed an egg coddler. He contacted the seller to find out why he had the "wrong" name for the pattern on his auction.

Bruce had been collecting egg coddlers for many years. Rob learned, after a quick E-mail exchange, that Bruce knew a great deal about egg coddlers. Bruce seemed to know everything about egg coddlers that there was to know. He had meticulously kept notes on everything he had ever learned about egg coddlers. One day, he would write a book to share his knowledge with other collectors. Rob was astounded by the depth of Bruce's notes ... he wanted to buy two copies of the (as-yet unwritten) book. After some back-and-forth conversation, Bruce decided to partner with Rob and publish his knowledge on the Internet, with technical assistance from Rob.

Thus was born Egg-Coddlers.COM. Eighteen years later, we are still learning new facts about egg coddlers, usually from collectors and sellers in the secondary markets.

Our goal is to make this web site a repository of information about egg coddlers on the Internet. We want to provide a forum for egg coddler collectors to meet and communicate and share their knowledge and learn from other collectors. As time goes on, we hope that other collectors of egg coddlers will share their knowledge (and pictures of examples) with us, so that ultimately, if there is something to know about an egg coddler, you can find it via this site.

If you have questions, comments, complaints, kudos, suggestions, or anything else to share with the authors/editors/maintainers of this site, please use this link to send us a message. If, for whatever reason, that link does not work for you, you can send an E-mail message to the following address: ecc-editors_AT_egg-coddlers_DOT_com. You will have to manually change the "_AT_" to an '@' character, and the "_DOT_" to a '.' character before using that address.

What We Do

This website is an information site for collectors of egg coddlers. Our goal is to provide a compendium of information about egg coddlers ... as much as we can gather and present.

We don't sell anything shown on this web site.
Please do not contact us to buy egg coddlers shown on this web site. Nothing shown is for sale by us. Most of the egg coddlers are no longer manufactured and can't be purchased new. You will want to look online at auction sites and companies that sell replacement pieces.

As a matter of policy, the editors of this web site will not publish any information about pricing, relative scarcity, or rarity of individual egg coddlers. We don't put that information on the web site, and we will not respond to contact inquiries about "how rare is my egg coddler" or "what is my egg coddler worth."

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