Windsor Coddlers

These coddlers are double-sized convex coddlers with no pedestal and have corrugated sides. The shape is the same as ff coddlers made by House of Prill The backstamp includes the text Windsor.


Listed below are brief descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of Windsor egg coddlers. For more details about that coddler design, please click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
English Life : Florie's Flowers A florist's shop, potted plants and shrubs. [Details] Florie's Flowers Florie's Flowers
English Life : Primrose Junction People in and around a cafe. [Details] Primrose Junction
Mouseykins A family of mice. [Details] Mouseykins Mouseykins
WIN-UNK01 Anemones. [Details] WIN-UNK01
WIN-UNK02 Spring flowers. [Details] WIN-UNK02
WIN-UNK03 Chess pieces. [Details] WIN-UNK03 WIN-UNK03 WIN-UNK03
WIN-UNK04 Spring flowers. [Details] WIN-UNK04
WIN-UNK05 Fruit (peaches). [Details] WIN-UNK05
WIN-UNK06 Flowers - pink rose. [Details] WIN-UNK06
WIN-UNK08 Flowers - red rose and white daisy. [Details] WIN-UNK08
WIN-UNK09 Pink dog roses. [Details] WIN-UNK09
WIN-UNK11 Hand of cards. [Details] WIN-UNK11 WIN-UNK11
WIN-UNK12 Blue flowers and a ribbon. [Details] WIN-UNK12 WIN-UNK12
WIN-UNK13 Red berries. [Details] WIN-UNK13
WIN-UNK14 Red strawberries. We do not yet have pictures of this coddler.
WIN-UNK15 A bunch of a large dark pink, tending to purple, rose, with four fuschias. We do not yet have pictures of this coddler.
WIN-UNK99 A set of twelve egg coddlers, one for each month of the year. [Details] WIN-UNK99 WIN-UNK99 WIN-UNK99 WIN-UNK99

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