Wedgwood Egg Coddlers

Wedgwood coddlers are made in England. These coddlers have a mildly convex shape, with a very small pedestal. Wedgwood coddlers also have a very distinct "lip" at the top, where the metal rim meets the porcelain body of the coddler. This lip protrudes a few millimeters beyond the surface of the body of the coddler.

The lids are metal. The lifting rings are flat ... that is, a flat strip of metal, approximately ¼ inches wide, curved into a circular loop, and bonded to the lid.

The backstamp usually includes the name of the pattern.


Wedgwood coddlers are known in two sizes: single and double. The double size is 4 ½ inches tall and 2 7/8 inches in diameter.


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that Wedgwood produced. To see detailled images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

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Pattern Name [1] Description of Pattern Image
Charnwood Pink flower with stem and two green leaves and two little purple flowers with a brown butterfly on the front. The decal on the back varies. [Details] Charnwood Charnwood Charnwood Charnwood
Clementine Blue floral design along the rim. [Details] Clementine Clementine
Flying Cloud Rust coloured sailing ships [Details] Flying Cloud
Fruit Sprays There are several designs with various fruits on them [Details] Fruit Sprays Fruit Sprays Fruit Sprays Fruit Sprays
Gourmet Strawberry and flower with eight blueberries. [Details] Gourmet
Peter Rabbit Scenes and quotes from Beatrice Potter's books. [Details] Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit
Quince Pears and quinces [Details] Quince Quince
Sterling Chocolate brown [Details] Sterling
Swallow Floral pattern in yellow, pink, and blue [Details] Swallow Swallow Swallow
Vine Grapes on a vine [Details] Vine Vine
Wild Strawberry Strawberry fruit, flowers, and leaves [Details] Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry
WED-UNK01 Strawberries and Nuts [Details]
WED-UNK02 Rose on trellis [Details] WED-UNK02 WED-UNK02


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