T.G. Green - Harvest Festival Pattern

These coddlers are convex, with a pedestal, and have a a flat lifting ring ... that is, a flat strip of metal, approximately ¼ inches wide, curved into a circular loop, and bonded to the lid.

The patterns on these coddlers are various fruits on a beige/tan background. It is quite possible that examples exist with any two of six fruit decals that we know of.

Note: There have been some references to a decal of this design with kiwi fruit. We have not seen one, and we suspect that what was reported was a misidentification of the gooseberry decal. Please contact us if you have other decals or combinations in this style.

Lemon Almond Peach
Raspberry Gooseberry Strawberry
Harvest Festival Decals

Known Types Matrix (Harvest Festival)
Fruit Patterns Type Notes Sources
Lemon and Almond Type 1 BB
Lemon and Gooseberry Type 1 BB
Lemon and Gooseberry Type 3 EA
Lemon and Peach Type 1 EA
Peach and Almond Type 1 BB
Raspberry and Gooseberry Type 1 BB
Strawberry and Gooseberry Type 1 EA
Strawberry and Raspberry Type 1 BB, EA

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