Syracuse - Pattern SY-UNK06 (Plain Yellow Glaze)

This pattern consists of a plain yellow glaze (fading to white with age) with a silver ring on the base. The one example of this coddler that we've seen to date has a special inscription engraved on the lid: Easter Greetings 1901 To Miss Housekeeper from Brother Will, with an engraved picture of a chick emerging from an egg.

Double size, with pedestal, plain yellow glaze Special Engraved Lid
Plain Yellow Coddler With Silver Ring - Engraved Lid

Known Variations Matrix (Pattern SY-UNK06)
Body Size: Pedestal (Y/N): Backstamp Colour: Backstamp Style: Backstamp Dates: Notes: Source:
Double Y green EGG 3 Lid was engraved with a message to the recipient, see picture above. BB

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