Syracuse Egg Coddlers

The Syracuse China Company, formerly known as the Onandaga Pottery Company, manufactured the ceramic body of egg coddlers for Premier Egg Cup, beginning in 1893. According to an 1893 flyer, the egg coddlers were finished with a "screwtop cover" made of solid German silver. Later versions of the coddler lids might have been made with another metal.

The coddlers are convex with or without a pedestal, with a very thin metal lid, and no lifting ring. There were three sizes of coddler body, intended to cook one, two or three eggs. The metal lids have some slight variation in depth. There were three backstamp styles, with colour differences, although they all contain the word SYRACUSE somewhere in the backstamp text.

Cataloguing of the variations of Syracuse egg coddler varieties has proven to be very difficult. There is the possibility that every Syracuse coddler with flowers is unique. If you have information about coddlers that are not listed in these pages, please do contact us.

There are five characteristics that we consider distinguishing of unique variants:

Historical information about Syracuse pottery on this page comes from the book Syracuse China by Cleota Reed and Stan Skoczen (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1997),


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that Syracuse produced. To see detailled images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
SY-UNK01 Plain white glaze around the body of the coddler. [Details] Plain white
SY-UNK02 Blue flowers on a brown branch with green leaves, around the upper third of the body of the coddler. [Details] Blue flowers
SY-UNK03 Pink flowers and green leaves hanging down from the top of the coddler rim. [Details] Pink flowers
SY-UNK04 Red flowers and buds dangling below. [Details] Red flowers
SY-UNK05 Yellow daffodils around the coddler body. [Details] Red flowers
SY-UNK06 Yellow glaze with a silver ring at the base [Details] Yellow glaze with ring
SY-UNK07 Pink flowers and buds. [Details] Pink flowers and buds
SY-UNK08 [Details]
SY-UNK09 [Details]
SY-UNK10 [Details]
SY-UNK11 [Details]
SY-UNK12 [Details]
SY-UNK13 [Details]
SY-UNK14 [Details]
SY-UNK15 [Details]
SY-UNK16 Yellow and orange flowers. [Details] Yellow and orange flowers
SY-UNK17 Lavender and grey flowers on a thin grey vine. [Details] Lavender flowers Lavender flowers
SY-UNK18 Green and brown leaves on a thin grey vine [Details] Lavender flowers Green and brown leaves Green and brown leaves
SY-UNK19 Pink flowers and buds. [Details] Pink flowers
SY-UNK20 Violet-pink flowers and leaves [Details] Violet-pink flowers and leaves
SY-UNK21 Purple flowers and leaves [Details] Purple flowers and leaves
SY-UNK22 Fuschia flowers and leaves [Details] Fuschia flowers and leaves Fuschia flowers and leaves
SY-UNK23 Fuschia flowers and leaves [Details] Fuschia flowers and leaves Fuschia flowers and leaves Fuschia flowers and leaves
SY-UNK24 Fuschia flowers and leaves [Details] Fuschia flowers and leaves Fuschia flowers and leaves Fuschia flowers and leaves
SY-UNK25 Yellow Chick on Green base [Details] Small Chick

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