Spode Egg Coddlers

At present, we know very little about whether Spode ever manufactured egg coddlers. There is one egg coddler that has the Spode name on the back, with the classic Spode "Christmas Tree" design, but that was manufactured by Royal Worcester.

Pictured here is an old convex coddler with a pedestal (missing the lid). It is decorated with the classic blue Willow pattern. The Willow pattern was developed by Josiah Spode I (1733-1797), and the company that bears his name, Spode, Ltd. exists to this day. The company was sold in 1833 to W.T. Copeland, and bore the names Copeland & Garrett from 1833 to 1847, and W.T. Copeland and Sons from 1847 to 1970. The backstamp of this coddler is worn with age, but the name Copeland can be made out.

Willow Pattern Willow Pattern Willow Pattern
Spode Willow Pattern

If you have other examples of egg coddlers with this marking, or more information about egg coddlers made by this company, please contact us.

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