Severn Ware Egg Coddlers

These coddlers were made in Worcester, England, but not by Royal Worcester. All coddlers that we've seen by Severn are double sized, with the same backstamp. The coddler shape/style is convex, with a very small pedestal. According to our source (AC-07), the Severn company went out of business in 1987.

Severn Backstamp


Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
SE-UNK01 Bird in a flowering branch on one side, pair of cherries on the other. [Details] SE-UNK01 SE-UNK01
SE-UNK02 Coddler recipe on one side, stylized egg in a nest on the other. [Details] SE-UNK02 SE-UNK02
SE-UNK03 Orange, yellow, pink, and purple flowers. [Details] SE-UNK03 SE-UNK03
SE-UNK04 Yellow and pink flowers on one side, a yellow flower on the other side. [Details] SE-UNK04 SE-UNK04
SE-UNK05 Blue flowers on both sides of the coddler. [Details] SE-UNK05 SE-UNK05
SE-UNK06 Multicolored flowers and leaves. [Details] SE-UNK06 SE-UNK06
SE-UNK07 Blue tit bird [Details] SE-UNK07
SE-UNK08 Blackberries and redcurrants. [Details] SE-UNK08 SE-UNK08
SE-UNK09 Leo - A lion. [Details] SE-UNK09
SE-UNK10 Two children. [Details] SE-UNK10 SE-UNK10
SE-UNK11 Robin. [Details] Picture to be added.
SE-UNK12 Recipe for coddled eggs. [Details] Picture to be added.
SE-UNK13 Huntsman. [Details] SE-UNK13 SE-UNK13
SE-UNK14 Primroses. [Details] Picture to be added.
SE-UNK15 Primulas. [Details] Picture to be added.
SE-UNK16 Libra - Rabbit with scales. [Details] SE-UNK16

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