Royal Worcester - Pheasant Pattern

This pattern shows a flying male Ring-necked Pheasant, with or without a signature beneath the bird. The reverse side of the coddler is plain white.

We are not sure that the official Royal Worcester name for this pattern was Canada Goose.

The writing beneath the bird is probably the signature of the artist.

If you have example of any of the "flying bird" patterns ( Bobwhite, Canada Goose, Mallard, or Pheasant ), with a clear signature (or clear portions of the signature), please contact us ... we'd like to try to decipher the signatures.

Type 4B example Type 6C example

Known Types Matrix (Pheasant)
Type Sizes Notes Sources
Type 4B Standard Signature beneath the bird. BB
Type 4C Standard Signature beneath the bird. RJ
Type 6C Standard No signature beneath bird. BB

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