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Pattern Name [1] Description of Pattern Image
RW-UNK01 Grey and blue flowers on white. [Details] RW-UNK01
RW-UNK41 Blue Oriental Motif [Details] RW-UNK41 RW-UNK41 RW-UNK41 RW-UNK41
(Blue) Willow Classic Chinese Blue Willow Pattern. [Details] Willow Willow
RW-UNK02 Plain white. [Details] RW-UNK02
RW-UNK03 Purple on white with a gold "necklace", silver top and thread. [Details] RW-UNK03
Worcester Willow Willow pattern design in green. [Details]  
Pekin Chinese motif. Basket and vase with flowers on a vine. [Details] Pekin Pekin
RW-UNK04 Plain pale blue. [Details] RW-UNK04
RW-UNK05 Plain dark pink. [Details] Plain Dark Pink
RW-UNK79 Plain lime green. [Details] Plain Lime Green
RW-UNK49 Blue pattern with a frieze and floral "drapery." [Details] RW-UNK49 RW-UNK49
RW-UNK54 Blue frieze on top half of coddler. [Details] RW-UNK54
RW-UNK06 Blue "oriental" design [Details]
Roseland Bouquet of flowers in the shape of a "T" with a white flower in the centre. [Details] Roseland
Bobwhite (?) A flying Bobwhite, with or without a signature. [Details] Bobwhite
Quail (?) An unidentified quail, with or without a signature. [Details] Quail
Canada Goose (?) A flying Canada Goose, with or without a signature. [Details] Canada Goose
Mallard A flying drake Mallard duck, with or without a signature. [Details] Mallard
Pheasant (?) A flying male Ring-necked Pheasant, with or without a signature. [Details] Pheasant
RW-UNK07 A World War II plane in flight. [Details] WW II Plane
RW-UNK08 Pink, red, or yellow flowers, some growing from bamboo, some growing from the ground. Details RW-UNK08 RW-UNK08 RW-UNK08 RW-UNK08 RW-UNK08
Hedgerow by St. Michael's Green leaves and a stem of brown leaves. Backstamp imprinted Royal Worcester for St Michael and Hedgerow. [Details] Hedgerow for St. Michael Hedgerow for St. Michael
Melrose Oriental flowers and an ornate pheasant [Details] Melrose Melrose
Patricia Green vine around the coddler with large bright red and blue flowers. [Details] Patricia Patricia
Elysian Green vine around the coddler with large pale flowers. [Details] Elysian Elysian
Astral Diagonal spray of flowers - red at the base, blue (cornflowers?) at the top. [Details] Astral Astral Astral Astral
(Old) Louise Various small bouquets of flowers. [Details] Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise Old Louise
Fleurette Green vine around the coddler with bright red and blue flowers, including cornflowers, and deep green narrow leaves. [Details] Fleurette Fleurette
RW-UNK14 Vine around the coddler with small flowers. [Details]
RW-UNK15 Small pink and white flowers on a green vine around the belly of the coddler. [Details]
RW-UNK16 Three yellow flowers, like daffodils. [Details]
RW-UNK17 Two yellow daffodils and two pink roses. [Details] RW-UNK17 RW-UNK17
Clementine (?) Yellow rose, similar to the red rose on Bournemouth. Reverse is also yellow flowers. [Details] Clementine Clementine
RW-UNK18 Pink cabbage rose, plus orange, white, and blue flowers. [Details] RW-UNK18 RW-UNK18
Horse A foal standing on a patch of grass. [Details] Horse pattern
Foxhounds A pair of foxhounds running on grass. [Details] Foxhounds pattern
Huntsman A comical huntsman on his horse. [Details] Huntsman pattern
Old Bow Oriental pattern: blue stem, blue quail, orange quail, blue and dark yellow chrysanthemums. [Details] Old Bow Old Bow
Traymor Red and Blue old roses. [Details] Traymor Traymor Traymor
Watteau Four single sprays (posies) of flowers around the coddler. [Details] Watteau Watteau Watteau Watteau
Fiesta Musical instruments, fruit, vegetables, and leaves in shades of green. [Details] fiesta Fiesta fiesta Fiesta Fiesta
Dorchester Brown or greenish blue leaves and single yellow flowers. [Details] Dorchester Dorchester Dorchester Dorchester Dorchester
Dunrobin Sprays of heather. [Details] Dunrobin Dunrobin
RW-UNK23 Teal, blue, and purple flowers around the coddler belly, on a green vine with a few other flowers. A vertical blue ribbon with a mustard yellow dot in the centre. [Details] RW-UNK23 RW-UNK23
Harvest Ring Wheat stalks. [Details] Harvest  Ring
Torquay White flowers with pin or orange centres, dark dull green leaves. [Details] Torquay Torquay Torquay
RW-UNK24 Single small red and yellow flower with green leaves on the reverse. [Details]
Blossom Time Four flowers (roses) on a stem , with green leaves on the reverse. Pink, blue, or purple are the known colour variations. [Details] Blossom Time Blossom Time Blossom Time Blossom Time
RW-UNK26 Small round red and yellow fruit with flowers and green leaves. [Details]
Bacchanal Bunches of purple grapes and green leaves on a vine. [Details] Bacchanal Bacchanal
Roanoke Bunches of multi-coloured flowers, the largest of which is straw in colour. The reverse varies. Some have a small spray of flowers, while others have a full bunch. [Details] Roanoke Roanoke
Tulip (?) Spray of multicoloured flowers, the largest is a distinctive pink tulip (or maybe it's a poppy). Other flowers are red and blue. [Details] Tulip
RW-UNK28 Bunch of red, yellow, blue, and purple flowers [Details]
(Old) Bournemouth Small blue, red, and yellow flowers, with a brown "branch" around the middle of the coddler. [Details] (Old) Bournemouth (Old) Bournemouth
RW-UNK29 Plain dark yellow. [Details] RW-UNK29
RW-UNK31 Plain pale yellow. [Details] RW-UNK31
Valencia Bunches of white flowers on a green stem with green leaves. [Details] Valencia
Gold Lustre Plain shiny gold. [Details] Gold Lustre
Lavinia Blackberries, including fruit, vine, and flowers. [Details] Lavinia
Birds A wren on one side, two finches on the other side [Details] Birds Birds
Evesham Plum (sometimes described as a peach) and other fruit, such as blackberries, or currants. [Details] Evesham Evesham Evesham Evesham Evesham
Louise Bunches of apparently hand-painted multi-coloured flowers, dominated by a red cabbage rose. Large bunches of flowers on the reverse side. [Details] Louise Louise Louise
June Garland Pale violet and yellow flowers with yellow and pink roses on the reverse. The flowers on both the front and the reverse can be either way up. [Details] June Garland June Garland June Garland
Woodland Diffuse pink, mauve, and yellow flowers with a single yellow flower on the reverse. [Details] Woodland Woodland Woodland
Bournemouth Bunches of multi-coloured flowers dominated by a large red cabbage rose in the centre front. Smaller red rose(s) on the reverse. [Details] Bournemouth Bournemouth Bournemouth
Palmyra A Jacobean pattern. On the double the pattern includes a triangle, the head of which can be pointing up or down. [Details] Palmyra Palmyra Palmyra
Strawberry Fair Strawberries and butterflies. [Details] Strawberry Fair Strawberry Fair Strawberry Fair Strawberry Fair
Astley Stylized purple and white flowers. Orange flowers on the double. [Details] Astley Astley Astley Astley Astley
Astley - Older pattern Vines round coddler: pink & rust-red flowers frieze around the top. [Details] Picture to be added.
Country Kitchen Herbs with pink banners that contain the name of the herb. Include Nasturtium, Thyme, Chamomile, Rue, Saffron, Heartsease, and Comfrey. [Details] Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen Country Kitchen
A Skippety Tale Rabbit, hedgehog, mice, apple, carrot, butterflies, and flowers. a squirrel with acorns (on the maxime), etc. [Details] A Skippety-Tale A Skippety-Tale A Skippety-Tale A Skippety-Tale A Skippety-Tale A Skippety-Tale
Rhapsody Large blue flowers. [Details] Rhapsody Rhapsody Rhapsody Rhapsody
Grainger Imari Bright orange oriental flowers with dark blue and green leaves. [Details] Grainger Imari Grainger Imari
RW-UNK33 Celebrating the Royal Wedding. This design is inscribed H.R.H. Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer 29th July 1981. [Details] RW-UNK33 RW-UNK33 RW-UNK33
Pershore Combinations of a single pink rose, rose hips, gooseberries, and on the doubles, either blue flowers or blue plums. Pershore Pershore Pershore Pershore Pershore
Peter Pan Different images from the story of Peter Pan. [Details] Peter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan
Old Game Series A grouse and a hare. [Details] Old Game Series Old Game Series
Blue Bow Stylized blue flower. [Details] Blue Bow Blue Bow
English Garden Pale row of flowers around the rim. [Details] English Garden English Garden
Arcadia Flowers on a vine. [Details] Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia
Midsummer Day A spray of pink, blue, and green flowers, with the stems interwoven around the centre of the coddler. [Details] Midsummer Day Midsummer Day
Noah's Ark An ark and many animals. [Details] Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Noah's Ark Noah's Ark
Covent Garden Small fruits and berries with leaves. [Details] Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden
Cottage Flowers Lots of very small blue flowers. [Details] Cottage Flowers
Farmhouse Recipe Farmhouse with a recipe for Farmhouse Eggs [Details] Farmhouse Recipe Farmhouse Recipe
Fairfield Yellow, purple, and red flowers on a green vine. [Details] Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield
Forget Me Not Many small multi-coloured flowers. [Details] Forget Me Not
Holly Ribbons Red and green holly ribbon around the upper part of the coddler. [Details] Holly Ribbons Holly Ribbons Holly Ribbons
Jacquard Tassel Green band around the top of the coddler, with purple tassels [Details] Jacquard Tassel
Jaipur Enamels - Elephants Complex pattern, mostly green, with elephants. [Details] Jaipur Enamels - Elephants Jaipur Enamels - Elephants Jaipur Enamels - Elephants
Jaipur Enamels - Birds Complex pattern, mostly black, with birds [Details] Jaipur Enamels - Birds Jaipur Enamels - Birds
Mini-Fondue Mini fondue recipe. [Details] Mini Fondue Mini Fondue
Poppies A large open red poppy, or a closed poppy on a stem. [Details] Poppies Poppies Poppies Poppies
Renaissance Rosette Black, yellow, dark pink, flat white diamond shapes. [Details] Renaissance Rosette Renaissance Rosette Renaissance Rosette
Theatrical Drape Red drapes and pink roses. [Details] Theatrical Drape
Worcester Flowers Large pink triangles and pink posies. [Details] Worcester Flowers Worcester Flowers
Worcester Herbs Herbs captioned with the common and botanical names of the herb. [Details] Worcester Herbs Worcester  Herbs Worcester Herbs Worcester Herbs
Fruit Basket Fruit in a basket. [Details] Fruit Basket Fruit Basket Fruit Basket Fruit Basket
Strawberries Large strawberries. [Details] Strawberries Strawberries
Pastorale Blue and orange flowers on vines. Blue and yellow frieze around the top of the coddler. [Details] Pastorale Pastorale Pastorale Pastorale
Wooster Bear Children's bear on one side, and a small dog on the other. [Details] Wooster Bear Wooster Bear
Hanbury Blue motif, similar to, but deeper blue, and smaller than Rhapsody. [Details] Hanbury Hanbury Hanbury Hanbury Hanbury
Versailles Fruit trees on a yellow background. [Details] Versailles Versailles Versailles
Country Garden Flowers in a yellow background [Details] Country Garden Country Garden
Eggs (Blue) Four blue pictures in egg-shaped panels. [Details] Eggs (Blue) Eggs (Blue) Eggs (Blue)
Eggs (Multi) Four multi-coloured pictures in egg-shaped panels. [Details] Eggs (Multi) Eggs (Multi) Eggs (Multi)
Mayfield Blue band and bunches of flowers. [Details] Mayfield Mayfield
Patchwork Rectangular shapes including a jug, watering can, and pear. [Details] Patchwork Patchwork Patchwork
Vine Harvest Grapes on a vine with large leaves. [Details] Vine Harvest Vine Harvest
Fruit Trees Orange and lemon trees in planters. [Details] Fruit Trees Fruit Trees
Spode Christmas Tree Spode Christmas tree. [Details] Spode Christmas Tree
Primula Bunches of primulas in orange and blue in flower pots. [Details] Primula Primula Primula Primula
Farmyard - Cockerel A cockerel,framed by a green border with leaves,surrounded by fruits. [Details] Farmyard - Cockerel
Farmyard - Goose A goose,framed by a purple border with leaves,surrounded by fruits. [Details] Farmyard - Goose
Flowers Various flowers [Details] Flowers
Sunflowers Sunflowers [Details] Sunflowers
Apples A whole green apple and a cut green apple, framed by a green border. [Details] Apples
Black Cats A black cat, shown from the front, back, and side, on a yellow, blue, and red background. [Details] Black Cats Black Cats Black Cats
London Scene A black-and-white vignette of London that wraps around the coddler. [Details] London Scene London Scene London Scene London Scene
Scottie Dogs A white and a black Scottish Terrier, nose-to-nose. [Details] Scottie Dogs Scottie Dogs
Shakespeare A scene from Stratford upon Avon, with the face of Shakespeare. [Details] Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare
Rose Fairy A fairy flying next to a pink rose. [Details] Rose Fairy
Strawberry Fairy A fairy walking, carrying a strawberry. [Details] Strawberry Fairy
Lavender Fairy A lavender fairy. This pattern was never officially released. [Details] UNK61 - Lavender Fairy
RW-UNK36 This was a special design for a company. It resembles a green shopping bag. [Details] RW-UNK36
Made for Felix Martin This was a special design for a company, bearing the company logo, address, and telephone number. [Details] Made for Felix Martin
Ribbons and Bows Ribbons and bows. [Details] Ribbons and Bows
Delecta Plums, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and flowers. [Details] Delecta Delecta Delecta Delecta Delecta Delecta Delecta
Easter Bunnies Easter motif (bunny, chicks, basket, decorated eggs, chocolate bunnies). [Details] Easter Bunnies Easter Bunnies
Wild Harvest Cherries on one side, hazelnuts on the other. [Details] Wild Harvest Wild Harvest
Engadine Upper row of green leaves with small flowers and two white flowers with leaves beneath. [Details] engadine
Valentine Stem with four purple and yellow flowers, with a pair of smaller blue flowers above and a pair of smaller purple flowers beneath. [Details] Valentine
RW-UNK42 Brown leaves on stems. [Details] RW-UNK42 RW-UNK42
Bridal Wreath Small purple flowers on a stem with leaves. [Details] Bridal Wreath
RW-UNK43 White flowers poking out of brown leaves. [Details] RW-UNK43 RW-UNK43
RW-UNK44 Bunnies, birds, and butterflies. [Details] RW-UNK44 RW-UNK44
RW-UNK45 A wreath of shamrocks, or three-leaf clovers, around the body. [Details] RW-UNK45
RW-UNK46 Sprays of flowers on diagonal stems. Colors are yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, and green. [Details] RW-UNK46 RW-UNK46 RW-UNK46
RW-UNK48 Blue butterfly with yellow flowers, sprays of white, yellow, and pinkish-orange flowers. [Details] RW-UNK48 RW-UNK48 RW-UNK48 RW-UNK48
RW-UNK50 A theme celebrating the Millennium. No backstamp. [Details] RW-UNK50 RW-UNK50
RW-UNK51 Loose bunches of flower sprays in a purple/grey design that looks like a pen drawing. [Details] RW-UNK51 RW-UNK51 RW-UNK51 RW-UNK51
RW-UNK52 Older pattern with small blue flowers. [Details] RW-UNK52
RW-UNK55 Blue Flowers - very similar to RW-UNK59. [Details] RW-UNK55
RW-UNK59 Blue Flowers - very similar to RW-UNK55. [Details] RW-UNK59
RW-UNK62 Small Blues Leaves [Details] RW-UNK62
Harrods - Butterflies Made for and sold by Harrods of London. [Details] Harrods - Butterflies Harrods - Butterflies Harrods - Butterflies Backstamp
Harrods - Chantilly Made for and sold by Harrods of London. [Details] Harrods - Chantilly
Harrods - Mayfield Made for and sold by Harrods of London. [Details] Picture to be added
Birds and Strawberries Eurasian Robin and Blue Tit - and strawberries. [Details] birds-strawberries birds-strawberries
RW-UNK60 Blue Flowers - and Daisies. [Details] RW-UNK60 RW-UNK60
Thistles Purple Thistles. [Details] thistles
Gift Themes Various Themes - probably intended to accompany gifts - Good Luck, Happy Birthday, With Love, Special Occasion. [Details] gift theme gift themes gift themes gift themes
Berries Various berries around the coddler and a butterfly. [Details] Berries Berries
Café Fleur Green and White Flowers. [Details] Café Fleur Café Fleur
Cherries-Grapes Cherries and grapes, with a blue-green frieze. [Details] Cherries-Grapes
Holly Ribbons Garland Christmas Theme [Details] Holly Ribbons Garland
Wild Fowl Wild Fowl Theme [Details] Wild Fowl Wild Fowl
RW-UNK63 Mallard painted by Stinton [Details] RW-UNK63
RW-UNK64 Ring-necked Pheasant painted by Stinton [Details] RW-UNK64
RW-UNK65 Blue Dragon [Details] RW-UNK65
RW-UNK66 Churchill [Details] RW-UNK66
RW-UNK67 Redhead Duck [Details] RW-UNK67
RW-UNK68 Dark Blue Leaves & Flowers [Details] RW-UNK68
RW-UNK69 Light Blue Scroll Frieze [Details] RW-UNK69
RW-UNK70 Horse's Head [Details] RW-UNK70
RW-UNK71 Pink and Yellow Flowers [Details] RW-UNK71
RW-UNK72 Brown Frieze, with a Bird [Details] RW-UNK72
RW-UNK73 Bright Orange, Pink, and Blue Flowers [Details] RW-UNK73
RW-UNK56 Brown Frieze with Daisies below. [Details] RW-UNK56
RW-UNK74 Blue Frieze with Daisies below [Details] RW-UNK74
RW-UNK75 Orange and Blue Flowers [Details] RW-UNK75
RW-UNK76 Blue Roses [Details] RW-UNK76
RW-UNK77 Cross-Keys (Company Logo?) [Details] RW-UNK77
RW-UNK78 Orange, Purple, and Violet Flowers [Details] RW-UNK78
RW-UNK79 Plain Lime Green [Details] RW-UNK79
RW-UNK80 Bright Red, Purple, and Brown Flowers [Details] RW-UNK80
RW-UNK81 Brown Flowers [Details] RW-UNK81
RW-UNK82 Large Red & Blue Flowers [Details] RW-UNK82
RW-UNK83 Plain Pale Green [Details] RW-UNK83
RW-UNK84 Plain Purple [Details] Picture to be added
RW-UNK85 Bright orange & black flowers - with gold trim [Details] RW-UNK85
RW-UNK86 Plain Silver [Details] RW-UNK86
Flowers / Dragonflies Various flowers and dragonflies. [Details] Flowers / Dragonflies
RW-UNK88 Spray of Blue Flowers [Details] RW-UNK88
Oranges Oranges [Details] Oranges
RW-UNK90 Man and Rearing Horse [Details] RW-UNK90
RW-UNK91 Flowers with blue bow - Midsummer Day variant? [Details] RW-UNK91
RW-UNK92 Large pink flower, with spray on reverse. [Details] RW-UNK92 RW-UNK92
RW-UNK93 Dark pink "root" system [Details] RW-UNK93
RW-UNK94 A blue tree, butterfly and fruit. [Details] RW-UNK94
RW-UNK95 A wreath of blue shamrocks, or three-leaf clovers, around the body. [Details] RW-UNK95
RW-UNK96 Lavender triangular decoration. [Details] RW-UNK96
RW-UNK97 Flowers - pink & white. [Details] RW-UNK97 RW-UNK97
RW-UNK98 Flowers, with a dog rose. [Details] RW-UNK98 RW-UNK98
RW-UNK99 Oriental blue trees, plants, etc. [Details] RW-UNK99

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