Royal Worcester - Louise Pattern

This pattern consists of bunches of apparently hand-painted multi-coloured flowers. The pattern is typically dominated by a red cabbage rose. The bunches of flowers on the reverse are almost as large and bold as those on the front. Superficially, this pattern is similar to Bournemouth. However, Bournemouth is consistent from coddler to coddler. This pattern shows considerable variation, with various combinations of colours and types of flowers in the bunches.

This pattern is the successor to an earlier Royal Worcester pattern by the same name. We refer to that older pattern as (Old) Louise.

Some of the king-sized coddlers have the bunches of flowers upside down. Pictured below are some of the variations that we've seen ... this is not an exhaustive listing of variations.

We are interested in examining as many different examples of this pattern as we can. If you have a coddler (or coddlers) in your collection that seem similar to this pattern, please do contact us so that we can acquire images of the pattern and the backstamp.

Louise, Examples 1 - 3
Louise, Examples 4 - 6
Louise, Examples 7 - 9
Louise, Examples 10 - 12

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Known Types Matrix (RW-UNK30)
Type Sizes Notes Sources
Type 3C Standard   BB
Type 4B Standard   BB
Type 5C Standard   BB
Type 7 Standard    King Type 7 backstamps include an additional small red mark - it might be an initial. BB
Type 8 Standard    King   BB

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