Royal Worcester - Astral Pattern

This pattern consists of a diagonal spray of flowers - red at the base, blue (cornflowers?) at the top. There are several variations that we've seen on various examples, shown below.

Astral - Example 1 Other side
Pattern Astral - Example 1 (Type 7 Backstamp)

Astral - Example 2 Other side
Pattern Astral - Example 2 (Type 7 Backstamp)

Astral - Example 3 Other side
Pattern Astral - Example 3 (Type 4A Backstamp)

Astral - Example 4
Pattern Astral - Example 4 (Type 4B Backstamp)

Known Types Matrix (Astral)
Type Sizes Notes Sources
Type 3C Standard   BB
Type 4A Standard   AC-05
Type 4B Standard   AC-03
Type 4C Standard   AC-11
Type 5E Standard   BB
Type 7 Standard   BB

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