Royal Sealy Egg Coddlers

We don't know much for sure about this coddler, other than the fact that it exists. The pattern is called Moss Rose. Unlike most coddlers we've seen, this coddler has a painted metal strap that holds the lid onto the coddler. One eBay auctioneer indicated that there were removable labels on the example for sale, one with Apco and another with Japan. We don't know if these labels came with the coddler or were "acquired" later.

We assume this to be Royal Sealy (RS) by association with other pieces. 4" in height, with the pattern of a rose on a stem on one side, a rosebud on a stem on the other.

If anyone out there has more information about this coddler, please contact us.

Moss Rose Moss Rose
Moss Rose Pattern

Moss Rose
Moss Rose Pattern

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