Lorrie Egg Coddlers

We are listing these coddlers, tentatively, under the manufacturer name of Lorrie. We don't know for certain if Lorrie is the manufacturer, the artist, or the distributor of these coddlers.

All examples of this style of coddler that we've seen are double-sized coddlers (4 ½ inches tall), with a picture of a chick in a nest. This design can be found in a convex version with a pedestal, and a concave version. The lifting rings are round and square.

These coddlers don't have any backstamp or manufacturer's marks on them. Some are found with a paper tag that contains the words Design by Lorrie and others have been found with removable stickers with the word Japan. The fact that there are convex and concave designs implies that they were possibly (as in very remotely possible) manufactured by Shafford. Another correspondant has proposed that they are made in Germany.

LO-UNK01 - Convex with Pedestal LO-UNK01 - Concave
Pattern LO-UNK01

Pattern LO-UNK01

Related Designs?

The following list of egg coddlers all have a similar body shape and style. We do not have any conclusive data linking them together, nor have we any reason to believe that some, if not all were made by the same manufacturer or are part of a set.

Lorrie Sands Shafford Sigma
Unknown: UM09 Unknown: UM11 Unknown: UM12 Unknown: UM19
Unknown: UM20 Unknown: UM21 Unknown: UM29
Unknown: UM32 Unknown: UM37 Unknown: UM47
Unknown: UM52 Unknown: UM55

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