Jenaer Glas Egg Coddlers

These are single and double convex coddlers made of clear glass. Both sizes are 3½ inches tall. Each coddler was sold with a clip to hold the lid to the body during cooking.

These coddlers were manufactured in Jena, Germany, by Schott Jenaer Glas GmbH. Household Glass Division. The original design of this coddler is attributed to Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1933. They were sold by various retailers, including Divertimenti of England.

In March of 2005, the production of consumer glassware in Jena was terminated. Sales of Schott Jenaer Glas will continue through the end of 2005. The press release can be read here. We are inquiring whether this is the end of the Wagenfeld egg coddler.

We have seen the these coddlers available for sale online at Williams-Sonoma (item #4828638), and other tableware retailers.

Jenaer Single Jenaer Single with Box
Jenaer Double-Sized Coddler

Jenaer Double with Box Jenaer Double
Jenaer Double-Sized Coddler

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