House of Prill Egg Coddlers

Coddlers made by House of Prill are convex, with no pedestal, and have corrugated sides. The texture of the sides is sometimes described as scalloped. The backstamp of these coddlers includes the words House of Prill, Porcelain, and a coat of arms.

Example House of Prill Coddler Backstamp

According to a contact from the company, now located in New Jersey, House of Prill no longer makes egg coddlers. About thirty different designs were made.

The shape and style of these coddlers is similar (if not identical) to those made by Windsor, Unknown Manufacturer: UM03 and Unknown Manufacturer: UM72. It is possible that that some of the other egg coddlers with corrugated sides were also manufactured by House of Prill.

We have no authoritative documentation of the names indicated for patterns. Where the pattern is a known name (e.g., Blue Onion or Poppy), it is from matching of other House of Prill named patterns, or well-known pattern names.


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that House of Prill produced. To see detailled images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
Blue Onion Classic blue and white pattern. [Details] Blue Onion Blue Onion
Grape Vine Grape vine with grapes and leaves. [Details] Grapevine
Mallards Two flying ducks [Details] Mallards
Poppy Red and Blue Flowers, similar to the Villeroy and Boch "Amapola" pattern. [Details] Poppy
HP-UNK01 Two rows of tiny flowers. [Details] HP-UNK01
HP-UNK03 Two Canada Geese in flight. [Details] HP-UNK03
HP-UNK04 Single red rose on a green stem with a pale blue ribbon. [Details] HP-UNK04
HP-UNK05 Pink roses and circular blue flowers on a brown tree stem. [Details] HP-UNK05
HP-UNK06 Red and yellow butterflies and flowers. [Details] HP-UNK06
HP-UNK07 Crudely drawn stick figure flowers. [Details] HP-UNK07
HP-UNK08 Three stems with small blue flowers, growing above green leaves [Details] HP-UNK08
HP-UNK09 Rows of what look like peacock feathers. [Details] HP-UNK09
HP-UNK10 Birds and Flowers - Mainly Green. [Details] HP-UNK10
HP-UNK11 Pink and Grey Sweet Peas. [Details] HP-UNK11
HP-UNK12 Blue Flowers with Yellow Centres. [Details] HP-UNK12
HP-UNK14 Diagonal Spray of blue & red flowers & Green leaves. [Details] HP-UNK14
HP-UNK15 Band of Flowers dominated by a large black, yellow and red flower [Details] HP-UNK15
HP-UNK16 Blue Flowers - highlighted with Gold [Details] HP-UNK16
HP-UNK17 Grapes with green leaves and either a broad blue band, or a blue triangle. [Details] HP-UNK17 HP-UNK17
HP-UNK18 Bright Red Flowers with Blue Support - Version A [Details] HP-UNK18
HP-UNK19 Bright Red Flowers with Blue Support - Version B [Details] HP-UNK19
HP-UNK20 Random Sprigs of Flowers [Details] HP-UNK20
HP-UNK21 Tall Flowers - Yellow Iris [Details] HP-UNK21
HP-UNK22 Pink Roses [Details] HP-UNK22
HP-UNK23 Desert Rose [Details] HP-UNK23
HP-UNK24 Lotus corniculatus - Yellow flowers [Details]
HP-UNK25 Large Circular Blue Flower [Details] HP-UNK25
HP-UNK26 Pink Irises on blue and green stems [Details] HP-UNK26
HP-UNK27 A large pink tulip, and other flowers, in a diagonal spray. [Details] HP-UNK27

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