These are double-sized, convex coddlers, with an octahedral horizontal cross-section. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the coddler has 8 flat surfaces instead of the usual round exterior. They have a tiny pedestal, also octahedral, and a round lifting ring. There is no identifying markings or backstamp. Most examples of these egg coddlers that we have seen were located in Germany. We believe that they were made or sold by J. A. Henckels.


The pattern consists of tiny pink flowers with green leaves - four rows of flowers with 13 flowers in each row.

This coddler came with a brochure of recipes in three languages: French, English, and German ... but no indication of manufacturer. There was also a picture of four other coddlers, that we've never seen examples of. We have no idea whether they were made by the same manufacturer ... from the picture, they might all have the same octahedral shape as this one.

Pattern HE-UNK01   Coddler  with box and booklet
Pattern HE-UNK01

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Information on this coddler was provided by Contributor AC-02.


The pattern is of a woodland scene, with trees and small people.

Pattern HE-UNK02


The pattern is a freize of red flowers and green leaves.

Pattern HE-UNK03


The pattern is tiny blue flowers.

Pattern HE-UNK04


The pattern is blue & red thistle-like flowers

Pattern HE-UNK05

Information on this coddler was provided by Contributor BB.

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