Harker Egg Coddlers

We don't know if these were intended to be used as egg coddlers. These are barely convex ... really cylindrical with a slightly curved in base. The lid sits on top of the body ... it's made of aluminum with a knob handle. The backstamp says HOTOVEN, HARKER, THE OLDEST POTTERY IN AMERICA. These objects might have been intended as condiment jars. Some were sold in sets of four with a wire rack. Harker Backstamp

Amy Pattern
Harker Amy Pattern

Harker HA-UNK03 Harker HA-UNK03
Pattern HA-UNK03 (Calico Tulip)

Colonial Lady Pattern Colonial Lady Pattern Colonial Lady Pattern
Harker Colonial Lady Pattern

Honeymoon Cottage Pattern
Harker Honeymoon Cottage Pattern

Harker Mallow Pattern
Harker Mallow Pattern

Harker Melrose Harker Melrose
Harker Melrose Pattern

Petite Pointe Pattern
Harker Petite Pointe Pattern

Harker Red Daisies Harker Red Daisies Harker Red Daisies Backstamp
Harker Red Daisies Pattern

Harker HA-UNK11
Pattern HA-UNK11 (Blue version of "Red Daisies")

Harker HA-UNK12 Pattern
Harker HA-UNK12

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