EPIAG Coddlers

We currently assume that this jar with a screw-threaded lid was intended for cooking and serving eggs. That assumption has yet to be proven.

These coddlers are convex with a small pedestal and no lifting ring. They were made in Bohemia, in Czechoslovakia.

The pattern is a flower garland with red roses around the centre, with a frieze around the top of the coddler.

The backstamp is EPIAG above, Czechoslovakia below, and a figure in the middle. EPIAG originall stood for Erste Böhmische Porzellan Industrie, A.G., which translates to "First Bohemian Porcelain Industry, A.G." (A.G. is the German abbreviation for Actiengezellschaft, loosely the same thing as "Inc." in the U.S.A., or "Ltd." in British countries). There is a web site for a current porcelain firm that may be the original factory: EPIAG Lofida Porcelá CZ s.r.o.

EP-UNK01 Backstamp
Pattern EP-UNK01

Related Designs?

The following list of egg coddlers all have a similar body shape and style. We do not have any conclusive data linking them together, nor have we any reason to believe that some, if not all were made by the same manufacturer or are part of a set.

EPIAG   Unknown: UM06
Unknown: UM07 Unknown: UM28 Unknown: UM54

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