Crown Staffordshire Coddlers

Crown Staffordshire (CS) coddlers were made in England. They are convex in shape, with a pedestal, with one exception. The CS coddlers vary a bit in size, but they are the same size or slightly larger than the Royal Worcester king size. One collector describes the porcelain as thicker and heavier than most other coddlers.

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Lid Styles

There are two styles of lid, each with corresponding threads around the rim of the coddler. One requires almost a full turn (360 degree) to remove the lid. The other type of lid is more of a quick release ... a turn of just a few degrees is sufficient to remove the lid.

Lifting Ring Styles

There are three styles of lifting ring on the lid. There is the round lifting ring, made from a cylindrical strip of metal curved into a circular loop,and bonded to the lid (this is the lifting ring most commonly seen on egg coddlers). There is a flat lifting ring ... that is, a flat strip of metal, approximately ¼ inches wide, curved into a circular loop, and bonded to the lid. There is a square lifting ring, made from a cylindrical strip of metal, then shaped into a square or diamond-shaped ring with rounded corners, and then bonded to the lid.


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that Crown Staffordshire produced. To see detailed images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name [1] Description of Pattern Image
Chelsea Manor Pink peonies with grapes in a yellow basket. [Details] Chelsea Manor Chelsea Manor Chelsea Manor
Green Vine Green leaves on a vine [Details] Green Vine Green Vine
Kowloon Green oriental pattern. [Details] Picture to be added soon
Lyric Tunis A wreath of flowers around the belly of the coddler, with a blue border along the top. [Details] Flower Wreath
Pagoda Oriental design [Details] Pagoda Pagoda Pagoda
Rangoon Orange and Yellow Dragon [Details] Rangoon
Rock Garden Blue flowers on a vine [Details] Rock Garden
Shamrocks Shamrocks [Details] Shamrocks
Wild Flowers Wildflowers in purple and white [Details] Wild Flowers Wild Flowers
CS-UNK02 Eight-sided textured coddler with embossed flowers [Details] Embossed flower
CS-UNK04 Purple and white orchids. [Details] Orchids
CS-UNK05 Eight-sided textured coddler with embossed flowers and a gold stripe near top. [Details] Octahedral with gold stripe
CS-UNK06 Lily of the valley. [Details] Lily of the Valley
CS-UNK07 White orchid. [Details] Orchid
CS-UNK08 Various flowers, including red roses. [Details] CS-UNK08
CS-UNK09 Various Flowers - incuding one large red rose. [Details] CS-UNK09
CS-UNK10 Various Flowers - incuding one large red poppy. [Details] CS-UNK10
CS-UNK11 Small Roses on Vine. [Details] Picture to be added soon
CS-UNK12 Fruit - including bright red cherries. [Details] CS-UNK12


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