Coalport Coddlers

Coalport coddlers are made in England. These coddlers have a convex shape, with a pedestal. The backstamp sometimes includes the name of the pattern.

Attached is a brochure scan, from Coalport, with some coddler recipes and patterns. click on this link to view it. Note: Large images ... will take a long time to load on slow links.


Coalport coddlers are known in two sizes: single and double.


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that Coalport produced. To see detailled images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name [1] Description of Pattern Image
April Blue freize pattern with small flower decorations. [Details] April Pattern
Blue Onion Classic Blue Onion pattern. [Details]
Blue Revelry White cherubs on a blue background. [Details] Blue Revelry
Canterbury Spray of flowers beneath a frieze and above a solid ribbon. [Details] Canterbury
Flower Pot Floral [Details] Flower Pot
Hong Kong Gilded flowers and birds. [Details] Hong Kong Hong Kong
Indian Tree Classic Indian Tree Pattern (Pink) [Details] Indian Tree
Indian Tree Coral Classic Indian Tree Pattern (Dull Orange) [Details] Indian Tree Coral
June Time Flowers and a butterfly. Backstamp includes the number 38. [Details] June Time
Ludlow Bunch of flowers including a pink rose, a white flower, several smaller red flowers, and a yellow narcissus. Backstamp includes the number 47. [Details] Ludlow
Ming Rose Roses around the coddler and a rose-decorated frieze. [Details] Ming Rose Ming Rose
Montrose Floral - dominated by three large red roses [Details] Montrose Pattern
Old Coalport Floral [Details] Old Coalport Pattern
Paddington Bear Two variations: Paddington Bear putting jars of honey into a shopping cart, or at the seaside. [Details] Paddington Bear Paddington Bear Paddington Bear Paddington Bear
Pageant Stylized lily-like flowers. [Details] Pageant
Shrewsbury Bunch of flowers including two roses, a white flower, and several smaller blue flowers. Backstamp includes the number 21. [Details] Shrewsbury
Strawberry Strawberries on the plant on one side, a stunning blue, or yellow, butterfly on the other. Backstamp includes the number 19. [Details] Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry
Tintern Light green and blue flowers [Details] Tintern
Trellis Rose A delicate necklace of red and blue flowers. [Details] Trellis Rose
Wenlock Fruit Pears, grapes, leaves, white flowers (possibly black cherries?). Backstamp includes the number 44. [Details] Wenlock Fruit Wenlock Fruit
Willow Classic Willow pattern. [Details] Willow Willow Willow
CO-UNK01 Double spray of flowers. Backstamp includes the number 9. [Details] CO-UNK01 CO-UNK01
CO-UNK02 Exotic bird with spread wings on one side, a spray of pink flowers on the other. [Details] CO-UNK02 CO-UNK02
CO-UNK03 Blue pattern featuring bamboo stalks and birds (perhaps chaffinches). [Details] CO-UNK03 CO-UNK03
CO-UNK07 Blue pattern featuring crinkled leaves. [Details] CO-UNK03 CO-UNK07
CO-UNK08 Blue Willow pattern [Details] CO-UNK08
CO-UNK09 Red Roses [Details] CO-UNK09
CO-UNK10 Plain White [Details] CO-UNK10
CO-UNK12 Gold Freize [Details] CO-UNK12
CO-UNK13 Green pattern featuring crinkled leaves. [Details] CO-UNK13
CO-UNK15 Blue pattern featuring leaves and a broad gold band. [Details] CO-UNK15
CO-UNK17 Blue flowers - arranged in sprays that run diagonally. [Details] CO-UNK17
CO-UNK18 Blue flowers and green leaves. [Details] picture to be added
CO-UNK21 Flowers, dominated by three pink roses arranged in a triangle. [Details] CO-UNK17 CO-UNK17


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