Aynsley Egg Coddlers

According to Kovel's, this mark was used by John Aynsley & Sons of Longton, Staffordshire, England.

Some Aynsley coddlers come with a sticker attached, shown below:

Aynsley Sticker
Aynsley Sticker


Listed below are descriptions and low-resolution images of the patterns of egg coddlers that Aynsley produced. To see detailled images of the coddlers with the pattern and to learn more about known variations of that coddler pattern, you must click on the name and/or the image.

Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
Cottage Garden Orange butterfly, blue, yellow, and orange flowers. [Details] Cottage Garden Cottage Garden Cottage Garden Cottage Garden
Marlina Blue, yellow, and orange flowers. [Details] Aynsley Marlina Pattern Aynsley Marlina Pattern
Pembroke Blue bird in a branch, with orange, pink, and teal flowers. [Details] Pembroke Pembroke
Wild Violets A bunch of violets. [Details] Wild Violets

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