Adams Egg Coddlers

Adams coddlers are made in England. These coddlers have a mildly convex shape, with a very small pedestal, and a distinct "lip" at the top where the metal rim meets the porcelain body of the coddler.

The lid is metal with a flat lifting ring.

Unless otherwise noted, each pattern comes in both a double size, which is 4" high, and a single size, which is 3½" high.


There are two backstamp variations known. We created this nomenclature of "types" to help us identify individual backstamps ... these "types" are meaningless outside the context of this site. We don't know the chronology of the backstamps' usage.

Click to View Backstamp Backstamp Type 1 consists of the crown, the name ADAMS in a large type, and ENGLAND between two parallel arcs underneath.

Click to View Backstamp Backstamp Type 2 consists of the inscriptions REAL ENGLISH IRONSTONE and ESTABLISHED 1657 in a double circle. Inside the circle is a crown, ADAMS, and Made in England.


Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
Spring Chintz flowers and leaves around the body of the coddler, in either pink or blue. [Details] Spring
Tower - Blue Classic Adams Tower pattern - in blue. [Details] Adams Tower Pattern - blue
Tower - Brown Classic Adams Tower pattern - in brown. [Details] Adams Tower Pattern - Brown
Tower - Green Classic Adams Tower pattern - in green. [Details] Tower - Green
Tower - Rust Classic Adams Tower pattern - in rust. [Details] tower-rust
AD-UNK01 A rooster on either side of the coddler. [Details] AD-UNK01
AD-UNK02 A rooster on one side of the coddler (same as AD-UNK01), the words Save your breath to cool your porridge on the other side. [Details] AD-UNK02 AD-UNK02
AD-UNK03 The alphabet in upper and lower case letters, and the numbers from one to twenty, around the body of the coddler. The lettering is in blue or red. [Details] AD-UNK03 (blue) AD-UNK03 (red)
AD-UNK05 Blue and Yellow Ship. [Details] AD-UNK05

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