UM72 Double Coddlers - either ribbed or smooth.

This is a grouping of double size convex coddlers, decorated with plants or flowers. Each comes in two different types - either ribbed, very similar to House of Prill coddlers - or smooth.

There is no backstamp.

See also similarly shaped corrugated egg-coddlers by Windsor, and also Unknown Manufacturer: UM03.


UM72-UNK02 Ribbed UM72-UNK02 Smooth
UM72-UNK01 Ribbed UM72-UNK01 Smooth


UM72-UNK02 Ribbed UM72-UNK02 Smooth
UM72-UNK02 Ribbed UM72-UNK02 Smooth


UM72-UNK03 Ribbed UM72-UNK03 Smooth
UM72-UNK03 Ribbed UM72-UNK03 Smooth


UM72-UNK04 Ribbed UM72-UNK04 Smooth
UM72-UNK04 Ribbed UM72-UNK04 Smooth

UM72-UNK05 (Orange Lilies)

UM72-UNK05 Ribbed UM72-UNK05 Smooth
UM72-UNK05 Ribbed [1] UM72-UNK05 Smooth

UM72-UNK06 (Orange Daisies with Yellow Centres)

Picture to be added soon UM72-UNK06 Smooth
UM72-UNK05 Smooth


[1] Photo Courtesy of Morris Jones, Alberta, Canada.

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