Unknown Manufacturer - UM55 (Chintz-like Flowers)

This is a double-sized concave coddler. The pattern consists of a chintz-like pattern of large pink and small white flowers. There is no backstamp. This coddler has a square lifting ring.

UM55-UNK01 UM55-UNK01 UM55-UNK01
Pattern UM55-UNK01

Related Designs?

The following list of egg coddlers all have a similar body shape and style. We do not have any conclusive data linking them together, nor have we any reason to believe that some, if not all were made by the same manufacturer or are part of a set.

Lorrie Sands Shafford Sigma
Unknown: UM09 Unknown: UM11 Unknown: UM12 Unknown: UM19
Unknown: UM20 Unknown: UM21 Unknown: UM29
Unknown: UM32 Unknown: UM37 Unknown: UM47
Unknown: UM52 Unknown: UM55

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