Unknown Manufacturer - UM45 (Alhambra Krewe 1980)

This is a double-sized convex coddler with no pedestal. The pattern consists of a coat of arms on one side, with the words KREWE OF ALHAMBRA, and on the other side a castle, with the words MERRIE OLDE ENGLAND and 1980 in pennants at the top and bottom. There is no backstamp

It is very likely that this Mardi Gras coddler was made by the same manufacturer as UM44-UNK01.

At Mardi Gras, there are organizations that are called Krewes. Some Krewes parade and some only hold a Mardi Gras Ball. Most of the Krewes that parade also have a Bal Masque (Ball). At the ball, the guest of each Krewe member is called out from the audience to dance with that Krewe member. After the dance has ended, the guest receives a favor (a gift). Favors from a Bal Masque are also known as Call Out Ball Favors.

This coddler was given as a gift to guests, as a Mardi Gras Ball Favor, at the 1980 ball of the Krewe of Alhambra. The theme of the dance was "Merrie Olde England". The Krewe of Alhambra began in 1947 and is still in existence today (2000).

UM45-UNK01 Closer View UM45-UNK01
Pattern UM45-UNK01

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