Unknown Manufacturer - UM42 (Pink or Purple Flowers)

This is a double-sized cylindrical coddler. The pattern consists of pink or purple flowers. We're not sure if the different shades on different examples are intentional, the result of wear, or simply the difference in image quality. Marked Japan on the backstamp. The pattern appears on both "sides" of the coddler.

These coddlers were sold with a small booklet of recipes (shown below) that gives no indication of the manufacturer.

Some examples of these coddlers had a small sticker, with the word BIRKS and BB (one of the B's reversed), in addition to Japan in the porcelain.

UM42-UNK01 - Pink
Pink Example of Pattern UM42-UNK01

UM42-UNK01- Purple Recipe Booklet
Purple Example of Pattern with Recipe Book

Related Designs?

The following list of egg coddlers all have a similar body shape and style. We do not have any conclusive data linking them together, nor have we any reason to believe that some, if not all were made by the same manufacturer or are part of a set.

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