Unknown Manufacturer - UM31

These coddlers are cylindrical, double-sized coddlers, with a tall pedestal. The backstamp has the words Bentson West Design for Boston Warehouse with a stylish BW in a circle. Apparently these coddlers were sold by Boston Warehouse, but we don't know who manufactured them. The marking Made in Taiwan in the backstamp seems to indicate where they were made.


The coddler is white, with the words EGG CODDLER on the side, and recipes on the back.

UM31-UNK01 Backstamp
Pattern UM31-UNK01


Another coddler, believed to be from the same manufacturer, has the same backstamp. The coddler is plain white, and has a Taiwan sticker. (For reference purposes, we'll refer to that pattern as UM31-UNK02).


This coddler is plain white, decorated with group of four dots arranged in a diamond.

Pattern UM31-UNK03

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