Unknown Manufacturer - UM04

These are double-sized ceramic egg coddlers, plain-white glaze, with no distinguishing marks. The shape is convex with no pedestal. The lifting ring is round. The shapes vary slightly in curvature near the base and near the rim. The lids differ slightly as well.

Sometimes these are seen with removable Made in Japan stickers.

We have heard of a similar coddler with a square lifting ring but do not have images. If you have one in your collection and can send us images, please contact us.

Pattern UM04-UNK01 (Plain White)

Pattern UM04-UNK02 (Plain White)

Related Designs?

The following list of egg coddlers all have a similar body shape (convex without a pedestal, almost cylindrical in shape). We do not have any data linking them together, nor have we any reason to believe that some, if not all were made by the same manufacturer or are part of a set.

Unknown: UM04 Unknown: UM50 Unknown: UM57
  Unknown: UM60 Unknown: UM64

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