Unknown Manufacturer - UM03 (Similar to House of Prill)

These egg coddlers have corrugated sides. They are the same style of double size convex coddlers with no pedestal that were made by House of Prill except that they have no backstamp. It is possible that House of Prill was the manufacturer of these coddlers as well ... we have not been able to confirm or deny that possibility.

See also similarly shaped corrugated egg-coddlers by Windsor, and also Unknown Manufacturer: UM72.


Pattern Name Description of Pattern Image
UM03-UNK11 Red flowers on stalks with a butterfly. [Details] UM03-UNK11
UM03-UNK02 Pastel roses. [Details] UM03-UNK02
UM03-UNK04 Two rows of tiny flowers. [Details] UM03-UNK04
UM03-UNK05 Plain white. [Details] UM03-UNK05
UM03-UNK06 Two apples, a pear, two plums, and two cherries. [Details] UM03-UNK06 UM03-UNK06
UM03-UNK08 Floral Spray [Details] UM03-UNK08
UM03-UNK03 Two birds. [Details] UM03-UNK03
UM03-UNK07 Two birds. [Details] UM03-UNK07
UM03-UNK09 Two birds. [Details] UM03-UNK09
UM03-UNK10 Two birds. [Details] UM03-UNK10
UM03-UNK13 Two birds. [Details] UM03-UNK13
UM03-UNK16 Blue Chintz [Details] UM03-UNK16
UM03-UNK18 Delicate Blue Flowers [Details] UM03-UNK18
UM03-UNK19 Bunch of blue flowers with red ribbon [Details] UM03-UNK19
UM03-UNK21 Anthyllis montana [Details] UM03-UNK21
UM03-UNK22 Lotus corniculatus [Details] UM03-UNK22
UM03-UNK17 Oxalis acetosella [Details] UM03-UNK17
UM03-UNK20 Vaccinium vitas-idaea [Details] UM03-UNK20
UM03-UNK24 Multicoloured flowers - dominated by a red cabbage rose [Details] UM03-UNK24
UM03-UNK25 Blue Flowers [Details] Picture to be added soon.
UM03-UNK26 Campanula puscilla - Canterbury Bells [Details] UM03-UNK26
UM03-UNK27 Viola odorata [Details] UM03-UNK27
UM03-UNK28 Pair of Birds, one Red & Blue, the other Orange & Blue [Details] Picture to be added soon.
UM03-UNK29 Red Flowers - chintz-like - similar to UM48 [Details] UM03-UNK29
UM03-UNK30 White and Blue Flowers [Details] Picture to be added soon.
UM03-UNK31 Small Blue Flowers [Details] Picture to be added soon.
UM03-UNK32 Orange-red Dahlias [Details] UM03-UNK32

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