Unknown Manufacturer - UM01: Made in England Backstamp

This backstamp consists of a circle with MADE IN ENGLAND imprinted inside the circle. At least one of these coddlers was sold with a brochure that mentioned the name Kitchener. That name is also on the backstamp of very similar coddlers.

Made In England Backstamp

Known Types Matrix
Colour/Pattern Size Images (click to enlarge) Sources
White Single Note: This is a bright white, not the creamier "ivory," see below. BB
Ivory Single Ivory Ivory EA
Ivory Double Ivory BB
Pink Single Pink BB
Pink Double Pink Pink BB
Mustard Single   BB
Bright yellow Single Bright yellow Backstamp BB
Bright yellow Double See colour example above. BB
Pale yellow Single   BB
Rose Single   BB
Rose Double   BB
Pale / Light blue Single Pale / Light Blue BB
Pale / Light blue Double See colour example above. BB
Mid-blue Single   BB
Dark blue Double Dark Blue Dark Blue EA
Mid-green Single   BB
Dark green Single   BB
Dull Brown (Uniform in colour and texture) Single See colour example below. BB
Dull Brown (Uniform in colour and texture) Double Dull Brown BB
Flowers, perhaps hand-painted, with a bluish lifting ring Single Flowers BB
Garlands of flowers, perhaps hand-painted, with a coloured lifting ring (gold according to auction description). Flowers painted on the lid too. Single Flower Garlands Flower Garlands EA
Fruit: Grapes and walnuts Double Grapes and Walnuts Grapes and Walnuts BB
Fruit: Pineapple and strawberries Double Pineapples and Strawberries BB
Fruit: Pear, apples, and gooseberries Double Pear, apple, and Gooseberries BB
Fruit: Apple, cherries, and grapes Double Apple, cherries, and grapes BB
Fruit: Apples and Hazel Nuts Double Apples and Hazel Nuts BB
Morning glories Single Morning Glory BB
Morning glories Double   BB
Bobwhite Single Bobwhite BB
Pheasant and leaves on the front, leaves on the back Single Pheasant Pheasant Backstamp Pair of Pheasant Coddlers lifting
				   stand EA
Pheasant and leaves on the front, leaves on the back Double Same pattern as single, above. BB
Strawberries - on lid and side Single Strawberries single BB
Strawberries and leaves Double   BB
Cooking instructions - in black Single   BB
ORIGINAL KITCHENER BOILER - on lid and side Single Kitchener Text BB
Blue bird and pink plant Double Picture to follow BB

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