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These coddlers are similar in shape to Wade double coddlers. Most of them are painted or glazed a single colour. All these coddlers are made of pottery, including the lid, and the lifting ring. These coddlers come in a single and a double size.

These coddlers are all very similar in style, and so we have assumed that they are by a single manufacturer. However, there are subtle differences in shape, style, and backstamps -- it is possible that more than one manufacturer, or licensee, was involved in producing these.

Some of the lids of these coddlers are inscribed with the British ceramic registration number Regd 720797.

Cover Registration Number
Cover Registration Number

Date Information

We do not have any means of accurately calculating the date of manufacture of these coddlers. However, we can make an estimate at the earliest date of manufacture of the style, using the British registration numbers and American patent numbers. British Registration Number 636,774 was issued in 1914. The U.S. Design Patent Application for Patent 49,405 was filed on May 22, 1916. British Registration Number 720,797 was issued in 1927. Note that a piece may have been manufactured years, or even decades, after the design was registered or patented. If the lid is inscribed with Regd 720797 you can be sure that it was not manufactured before 1927.


There are two sizes of the coddlers in this style.

The single size egg coddler in this style is 3 ½ inches tall, from the base to the top of the lifting ring, with the lid screwed onto the body. This size is 2 15/16 inches in diameter at the top of the body of the coddler.

The double size egg coddler in this style is 4 ½ inches tall.

Example of This Style

Dipping Stands

In some cases, these coddlers were sold in sets of two or four, with a metal "dipping stand" that would be used to lower and raise the coddlers into a pan of boiling water for cooking. Some examples are shown below.

2-Coddler Dipping Stand 4-Coddler Dipping Stand
Dipping Stands

Backstamps, Colours, and Patterns

Backstamp characteristics Example images of backstamp
Backstamps that are imprinted MADE IN ENGLAND inside a circle. [Details] Made in England
Backstamps that are imprinted RD NO 636774, MADE IN ENGLAND, and U.S.A. PATENT NO 49405, in a circle. [Details] Patent 49405
Backstamps imprinted with the Temple and Crook logo - a crown above a circle containing the stylized and intertwined symbols T, & and C as well as RD NO 636774 and U.S.A. PATENT NO 49405. Most variants also include the words TEMPLE & CROOK and MOTCOMB STREET [Details] Temple & Crook Temple & Crook Temple & Crook Temple & Crook
Backstamps imprinted THE ORIGINAL KITCHENER EGG CUP, and MADE IN ENGLAND in two concentric circles. [Details] Kitchener Backstamp
Backstamps imprinted MB and MILTON BROOK ENGLAND. It is not known if this is the name of the retailer/distributor of the coddlers, or the name of the manufacturer. [Details] Milton Brook Backstamp
A backstamp embossed TAYLOR TUNNICLIFF & CO LTD MADE IN ENGLAND. It is not known if this is the name of the retailer/distributor of the coddlers, or the name of the manufacturer. A single sized pink coddler. [Details] Taylor Tunnicliffe Backstamp
A backstamp printed with a crown and a circle, in which there may be a maker's mark. A single sized coddler, decorated with the classic Blue Willow pattern and gold trim [Details] Crown Backstamp
A backstamp marked Solian Ware Simpsons Cobridge England. It is not known if this is the name of the retailer/distributor of the coddlers, or the name of the manufacturer. A single sized coddler with Maroon and yellow bands around the lid, and a beige body. Picture not available
No backstamp. A single sized ivory coddler, similar to the others, but slightly smaller. This is sometimes found with a TAIWAN sticker attached.  
Unknown backstamp. A single sized coddler decorated with shamrocks Picture not available

If you know anything else about these coddlers, or if you have examples that are not shown here, please contact us.

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